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Sessions  / TTD / Family


Sessions  / TTD / Family

1  hour coverage

1  hour coverage

One photographer

All files in Hi resolution JPG



  • TTD/Family/Sessions

 1 Hour coverage

 1 photographer

1 assistant 

All files in Hi resolution JPG

Color Correction

  • On line gallery to down load your wedding pictures for 15 days

Collection I


  • Basic Wedding Coverage

  4 Hours coverage

 1 photographer

1 assistant 

All files in Hi resolution JPG

Color Correction

  • On line gallery to down load your wedding pictures for 15 days

Collection II

$ 1,990

  • Wedding Coverage

  6 Hours coverage

 1 photographer

1 assistant 

All files in Hi resolution JPG

Color Correction

  • On line gallery to down load your wedding pictures for 15 days

Collection III

$ 2,490

  • Wedding Coverage

 8 Hours coverage

 1 photographer

1 assistant 

All files in Hi resolution JPG

Color Correction

  • On line gallery to down load your wedding pictures for 15 days

España wedding photographer



Choosing a photographer to shoot our wedding was one of the most time consuming decisions we had to make, our photos are very important to us and we were very concerned with booking the right photographer for us. I am so glad we found Victor Herrera while researching online! from very first email to the day we received & reviewed our photos, this family has provided exceptional commitment to providing the best service. From responding to emails usually within a couple hours to completely switching around the wedding daytime wedding day schedule 3 times to accommodate various changes made by the resort, they were very understanding and worked only to make us happy without any hesitation. We ran into a bunch of issues while planning our wedding, they are the best photographer ever.


I booked Victor Herrera for my wedding at Barcelo Maya Palace. I was worried as this was a huge portion of my total budget; however, I cannot say how much every penny was money well spent. First off Victor is very confortable. This was more than I could have expected. Second, Victor’s eye for lighting and placement is amazing. His creative use of light, mirrors and shadows made unique and interesting photos. Throughout the getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception, he was always trying to get the best shot, Victor was my best investment for my wedding


Just to describe how important pictures are to me … if my house is burning down, the only thing I would carry out would be my old photo albums. We got Married a couple of moths ago in Cancun. We were very worried about getting the right photographer for the most important day of our lives!! We ran into Victor Herrera while searching for photographers online. The work was amazing on their website, so we just took the chance and booked with them. Once the wedding come was very professional and friendly. During our private bride/groom session, he help us be relaxed and made the session very easy. Once the photos arrived, we were blown away. We cannot stop bragging about our wedding pictures and how great our photographer was. I know that in the future we will be using they service again. I am so grateful for their professionalism and for keeping their promise of delivering the best. Thank you!!!


The memories that Victor captured are timeless. His work has gotten such rave reviews here at home that my family is contemplating hiring him to come to the states to do some family pictures. If you want great quality photos, professional photographers and vivd, classic, unique memories then I would plan on working with Victor


Victor Herrera is absolutely amazing. He takes such unique pictures that are truly breathtaking. As soon as we saw his work, we knew we needed to hire him. His ability to look at a scenario and put a unique/artistic twist on it with his camera proves that he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He is extremely thoughtful in the photos he takes, and you can see his mind working as he looks at his surroundings around him to find the perfect spot/placement to take a picture. From the first day I emailed Victor, his responses were always quick and he would follow up with me if mine were not so quick. He is very interested in getting to know you as a couple, as well as your family and friends, to provide you with the best pictures/memories of your wedding day. His super pleasant, soft spoken, and calm demeanor is what every bride needs on her wedding day. He was never pushy, or intrusive when taking pictures. We were also pleasantly surprised to receive our photos back so quickly (within a week!) We absolutely love our wedding day pictures and are so proud to show them off. We would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Victor Herrera to anyone looking for a photographer in the Mexico area.


I found Victor Herrera Photography in a google search that showed the Top Photographers in Mexico. On a whim, I decided to go with Victor on my Engagement Photoshoot. Immediately Victor addressed all of my concerns and made me feel extremely comfortable. He was very patient with all of my questions. The day of the shoot Victor arrived to pick us up at the hotel with his nephew Adrian on time and drove us to multiple spots in Mexico where they took the most breathtaking shots. The creativity and passion of the two is clearly seen in the amazing work that they do. I used Victor and Adrian for my wedding as well and I was not disappointed. Not only are they amazing photographers, but they are amazing people as well. Thank you Victor and Adrian!


Amazing, Innovative, Creative, Beautiful moments captured! TRUST ME visit the website and you will fall in love with their photos. Or visit the Facebook page! The moments captured at my wedding were unforgettable and so detailed in the moments. My heart melts and I feel like I am in the moment every time I go back and view my wedding photos. Have a destination wedding in CANCUN?…. this is your MUST-HAVE Photographer! Also, ask for a trash the dress session!!




Very honored if you let me be part of your BIG day


If you want to check my ability, please

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Travel expenses and extra payments. Some of my packages already include travel expenses throughout Mexico and outside México. Where do you live? I live in Riviera Maya, Mex.  but most of the time I’m traveling for weddings. Do Destination Weddings Out Of Mexico? Please! in fact most of my weddings are destination, both inside and abroad, I love to travel and meet new people and places, I almost always try to take my wife and my son with me in my distant trips out of Mexico

1. If my budget is below your price range, am I eligible for a discount?

Anything is possible! However it is very important you fill us in on all the details of what exactly your looking for, for example: the number of hours you wish, the photographer of your choice, and you budget. We are sure we can set up a package that will best suite your needs.

2. The hotel I am staying at is charging an elevated fee in order to allow an external photographer to work in the establishment. What can I do?

Please provide us with this information as soon as possible. Depending on the hotel fee and the photographer you wish, we can make arrangements that will suite you.

3. When and how will I receive my photographs?

Officially, the waiting time after the session is up to 6 weeks. However, the majority of our clients receive their material in less time, most commonly, between 2 and 3 weeks. After the session, we will make sure the content of your session is uploaded in the cloud. Afterwards, we will send you a private link and a password you can so easily download all your content from the comfort of your home. Your images will be backed in the cloud, for up to a year.

4. May I divide the time I have contracted with my photographer?

In our experiences, we consider that dividing your time in different session is not the best idea. Really, a continuous session is the best, given that during a wedding, from beginning to end, every moment is worth capturing, and the best moments arise during the progression of your wedding. The idea is, don’t miss a moment.

5. If I purchase a “Trash the Dress” session at the beach or cenote, is the ground transportation included?

Unfortunately we cannot include ground transportation. Due to State laws, a guest staying at any hotel can only acquire ground transportation from the resort or hotel they are staying at, a pre contracted service provider or a taxi. Please make proper arrangements to arrive at the cenote or beach.

6. Are there additional fees if our sessions are at the beach?

If the session will take place at any beach in Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, or Hol-box, it will be necessary to cover the ferry fee for the photographer and his assistant. This fee will depend on the dock you are traveling from.

7. Do you take photo shoots underwater? We do not take underwater shoots, however what we can offer are photo shots in cenotes (waterholes) and in accessible bodies of water. In either case, we are sure we can obtain a great photo session.

8. How may I book my date?

You can book your date with an initial payment of 50% of the total price of your package. The final payment 50% will be due a week before your wedding.

9. How many photos do you deliver?

The official number is 50 photos per hour, in other words, for a 6 hour session, there will be a minimum of 300 photos. However the majority of our clients receive a greater number of photos.

10. Do you deliver RAW archives?

The format we use for photos is JPEG high quality, we do not use RAW format since the image quality is heavy to produce and due to the difficulties in storing this format.

11. Are the photos we receive edited?

Yes, all the photos you receive are JPEG high quality edited and without watermarks. Our editing includes; correction to color, corrections to temperature, brightness, contrast, black and white, etc.

12. How far in advance do I need to book with you? 

You can book now if it is good for you, at the moment you make your first payment by Paypal your date are totally separated. However, prior to this we need to send you a contract for you to read over and sign. Signing the contract does not guarantee in itself the booking of your event, rather, it’s the first deposit that does.

13. How would you describe your primary photography style? 

Our style is known as photojournalism, that is, we prefer spontaneous shots as opposed to posed ones. This means that during most of your session we will ask you not to look at the camera or pose for a certain shot; we want you to be yourselves, natural.

14. What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers? 

In Mexico its normal that photographers have a traditional style from photography, bride and groom posing all the time and looking at the camera, however we avoid that, of course we are not the only ones who do this style of photography in mexico but I think that this would be the biggest difference between us and other photographers.

15. Will the DVD or USB include all original copies of the photos or just the edited ones? 

In the past, we used to create a DVD or USB and then ship it to your current address, since it is an international delivery, it took many days to arrive to its destiny and we always were worried about the safety of the DVDs. We have never lost a DVD and non of them has never been destroyed or damaged during the shipping process in the past, but DVDs and CDs are not the most popular way of handle these important files today, everyone is using online storage devises online and clouds to keep safe and at hand the information they treasure the most.

Having this in mind we figured out a safer, faster and more practical way of delivering our pictures, now, we create a website for you in the cloud, password protected, where we upload all your pictures, highest quality, you will be able to download the complete gallery of your wedding or just the ones you like, wherever you are, whenever you want, you can access to your site and show your wedding pictures or even download the ones you want on the highest resolution, you can share this site with your beloved ones for them to download the pictures they like as well, without any extra charges.

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